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If you do not know your exact Date of Birth OR

If you do not know your accurate Time of Birth OR

If you do not know any details about your Birth date and Time OR

If you want get the answer for your question


Then you can choose this service.


You can ask any question based on your desire.

However your question should b related to you only.


We have some limitations to provide this service.

If your questions are related to the following

  • Illegal

  • Unethical

  • Causing harm to anyone

  • Irrelevant to you

  • Not to useful to anyone, including you

Then we cannot provide our service to you


Some of the sample questions are mentioned below.

About Education:

  • Which is the best line of education ?

  • What about educational progress ?

  • Is there any possibilities of securing a seat in reputed School/College/University ?

  • Is there any possibilities to get the success in Test/Exams ?

  • What are the suitable areas/subjects for education ?

  • Is there any breaks in education ?

  • Is there any chances of education in foreign countries ?

  • Is there any chances of getting scholarships ?

About Career:

  • Which is the best suitable profession ?

  • Which is the best time to get the job ?

  • Which is the best time to settle in a good job ?

  • Is there any possibilities to get a job in Government ?

  • What about the career growth for next couple of years ?

  • Is there any obstacles in career life ?

  • What is the best time to switch over the job ?

  • Which line of business suits ?

  • Is my present business suits to me or not ?

  • Is there any possibilities to go abroad ?

About Business

  • Will business suit me?

  • Which line of business suits to me?

  • How are my business prospects?

  • When will my business be steady?

  • When will my business catch-up?

  • Will I be able to clear my debts? If yes then when?

  • Will I recover my money from my debtor in near future or I will lose it?

  • Will I get finance from the bank for my new project?

  • When will my financial problems over?

  • Will my project be successful? Will it be profitable or not?

  • Will my income increase/decrease in the near future?

  • Am I suitable for partnership business?

  • Are there any disputes with my business partner?

  • When will be the settlement with my business partner?

  • Shall I accept any business deal/ project? When shall I start, if the answer is yes?

About Love and Marriage:

  • Delay in marriage?

  • Arranged marriage or a love marriage?

  • Nature of your love relationships with your partner

  • Timing of marriage

  • Nature of partner/spouse

  • Love and affection with your spouse

  • Outlook of your spouse

  • Health & Wellness of partner/spouse

  • Longevity of partner/spouse

  • Direction and location of your spouse

  • Family background of the spouse

  • Appearance of spouse

  • Educational and Career prospects of spouse

  • Quality of married life

  • Second marriage?

  • Prospects of progeny

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