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Sridurga Astro Center

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To help the needy people by giving the simple and tailormade solutions after analysing their horoscope

Our Salient Features

We safeguard the privacy of our clients.

Obtain relevant data: We solely compile the personal information required for the astrological consultation. Name, birthdate, place of birth, and maybe contact information like a phone number and email address are all required. If the client's date of birth is not accurate we merely ask a few questions to fix the time of birth, much like revers engineering.

Secure Data Storage: Data gathered from clients should be stored securely to prevent loss, theft, or improper use. To protect the information, we put in place secure data storage systems, encryption methods, and access controls. 

Non-Disclosure of Client Identity: We respect the privacy of our clients and don't reveal their names, contact information, or any other data that were mentioned during the consultation. This entails using prudence while speaking about client situations in person, online, or in open forums. 
We never share our clients' personal information with anyone, not even their closest friends or family members, without their prior consent.

Professionalism: Client confidentiality is prioritised in our adherence to professional ethics and codes of conduct. We recognise the value of upholding confidentiality and refrain from disclosing any material that can endanger or humiliate the customer.

Legal Compliance: With regard to data protection, privacy, and confidentiality, we abide by all applicable laws and regulations. In order to do this, one may have to abide by regional data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union or comparable rules in other countries.

We offer only consultation services.

There are no auxiliary or additional services offered by us; instead, we just concentrate on the astrological component. 

We don't provide any items like gemstones, yantras, or Rudrakhas for sale.

Other services like purohit services, Japas, and Homas are not offered by us.

We show a dedication to ethical practices and put the welfare of our clients first. We do not exploit the weaknesses or vulnerabilities of our clients. This strategy encourages openness, respect, and trust in our client relationships. It's crucial to uphold integrity in our business practices and make sure that the costs of our products and services are consistent with our moral values. We build a good and reliable reputation for our services by prioritising the needs of our clients and refraining from any exploitative practises.

About our Logo
About our Services 

We maintain confidentiality. 

Confidentiality in astrological services refers to the practice of protecting the privacy and personal information of individuals seeking astrological guidance or services. As we are offering astrology services. we have a responsibility to maintain strict confidentiality and ensure that the personal details shared by clients remain private and secure. We never disclose our client's personal information even to their near and dear friends, relatives and also to their family members, without our client's prior permissions.

Here are some key aspects of confidentiality in astrological services:

  1. Privacy of Personal Information: We collect only the necessary personal information required for the astrological consultation. This may include the client's birth date, time, and place and also contact information like phone number and email address. We take much care to handle and store this information securely, and ensuring that this personal information is not shared with any unauthorized individuals or third parties without the client's consent.

  2. Non-Disclosure of Client Identity: We respect the confidentiality of our clients and refrain from disclosing their identity, personal details, or any information discussed during the consultation. This includes maintaining discretion when discussing client cases, whether in person, online, or in public forums.

  3. Secure Data Storage: Any personal data collected from clients should be stored securely, protecting it from unauthorized access, loss, or misuse. We implement secure data storage systems, encryption techniques, and access controls to safeguard the information.

  4. Consent and Permissions: We obtain explicit consent from clients regarding the use and storage of their personal information. This consent should outline how the data will be used, who will have access to it, and the measures taken to protect its confidentiality.

  5. Professional Ethics: We adhere to professional ethics and codes of conduct that prioritize client confidentiality. We understand the importance of maintaining trust and not disclose any information that could potentially harm or embarrass the client.

  6. Legal Compliance: We comply with applicable laws and regulations concerning data protection, privacy, and confidentiality. This may include complying with local data protection laws, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union or similar regulations in other jurisdictions.

Confidentiality is crucial in astrological services as it allows individuals to feel comfortable sharing personal information and enables them to trust the astrologer. Respecting client confidentiality is not only an ethical responsibility but also a legal obligation in many jurisdictions.


Sridurga Astro Center was founded on Manmadha Nama Samvatsara Guru Purnima (31/07/2015) to provide suggestions and remedies , after analyzing the horoscope of the natives. We are providing Prasna / horary astrology to those persons who do not have their Birth details. We are also providing "auspicious time selection".

Apparao Adidam is an Indian Vedic astrologer, came from an Indian orthodox family of Vedic Astrologers. He is having 20 years of rich experience in astrology and helping needy people made him to work as an astrologer. He has acquired his astrological powers from his father. He started showing interest in studying astrology from his youth and since then it has become his passion and fascination.

His predictions and remedies helped his clients. He has been helping many clients find practical solutions and remedies in overcoming their issues. Many found astrological solutions helped them to get job satisfaction and growth opportunities, health, finding right life partner, business line, strengths & weaknesses etc.

Apparao also practices Horary astrology or Prashna astrology where clients can get answers to their questions even though they do not have birth details. He is expert in giving best remedies and suggestions for chronic diseases through medical astrology. He provides answers/readings on Marriage/Relationships, Muhurtha, Career/Job, Education, Child Horoscope reading, Business prospects, Financial Analysis, Yoga analysis, Dosha analysis and remedies etc.

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