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FAQ's on Services


Could please explain about Horoscope Analysis service?

A horoscope analysis service is a service that provides predictions and insights based on astrology and the study of horoscopes. A horoscope is a map of the positions of celestial bodies at the time of a person's birth. Astrologers believe that the positions and movements of these celestial bodies can influence various aspects of a person's life.

Here's a brief explanation of what each aspect typically involves:

  • Health: This aspect focuses on predicting and analyzing the individual's physical well-being, potential health issues, and suggestions for maintaining good health.

  • Wealth and Financial Position: This aspect deals with predictions and insights regarding the person's financial situation, earnings, investments, and overall wealth accumulation.

  • Relationships: This aspect involves predictions and analysis of a person's relationships with others, including family, friends, romantic partners, and colleagues.

  • Family Life: This aspect focuses on predicting and understanding the dynamics within the person's family, including relationships with parents, siblings, and other relatives.

  • Career Life: Here, predictions and insights are provided regarding the person's professional life, including job prospects, career advancements, and potential challenges.

  • Business Life: This aspect pertains to predictions and analysis related to entrepreneurial ventures, business opportunities, financial gains, and potential risks or obstacles in business endeavors.

  • Spiritual and Devotional Life: This aspect involves predictions and guidance regarding the person's spiritual journey, religious beliefs, and practices, as well as insights into personal growth and enlightenment.


Can you tell me about the things I've done in the past?
Yes, we could confirm the birth time with this information. However, we mostly concentrate on current and upcoming events.

What is the base for your forecasts?
Our authorised programme would create the horoscope chart based on the specifics of your birth. This chart includes intricate calculations for the placements of the planets, the Dasha, the Ashtaka Varga, and more. Our projections are based on these calculations.

What do you do while having a consultation?
We examine the planets' strengths and weaknesses. Then, in order to verify the authenticity of your birth information, we would discuss a few recent incidents. If the present condition and historical events line up, we can forecast the future. We also pinpoint the challenges you face in life. Then we provide you some solutions to free up the bottlenecks.

What can I get?

A thorough horoscope report in PDF format will be delivered to you.

You will get astrological Predictions. 

you will get astrological suggestions like remedies.

What specifics are required to foretell my horoscope?

  • Personal information: Surname and Name

  • Contact information: phone number and email

  • Birth Information: Time, Date, and Place


I'm not sure when I was born.
You must offer some hints, such as
Evening, Afternoon, and Morning
Between 9 and 10 AM, or
Day of the full moon in Karthika month
If there is a hint, we will next evaluate the other significant events and recalculate the time using the birth date approach.
If there is no hint, we examine the planetary configuration at the moment of your question and provide predictions and advice.

I don't know about the year of birth
We analyze the planetary position at the time of Question and give predictions and suggestions to you. 
For this birth details are not mandatory.

FAQ's on Remedies

What kind of remedies do you suggest
Actually, it differs from person to person. Generally, we suggest remedies, as recommended by SAGE PARASHARA.

You take donations, right?
We only accept consultation fees. We do not take donations, sorry. You must give nine sacred grains to your priest.

Can you suggest a priest?
We don't recommend anyone, sorry. We only recommend pooja/japa; we don't recommend any priest.

Are you going to do any pooja for us?
No, we only offer astrological consultation.  We do not offer any other services like pooja, homa, japa etc.

Do you offer any astrological goods for sale?
We don't sell any stuff, sorry. Such as Gem stones, Jewlery, Rudraksha, Japamala, Yantras, literature, and materials pertaining to worship.

FAQ's on General Questions

Do we have any restrictions on receiving this service?
Yes, there are some restrictions on the service we can offer. If any of the following pertains to your inquiries

  • Illegal

  • Unethical

  • harming someone else

  • Not really helpful to anyone, not even you:

Do you maintain confidentiality?

Yes. We do uphold confidentiality, like

  • your name

  • Your Contact Information

  • Your birth information

  • Your social status

Do you teach astrology to me?

As of right present, we don't offer any teaching services.

Astrology is a science or not?

We don't debate astrology here at all.

I don't believe in astrology.
You ought to be somewhere else, not here. I hope you can find an other venue to talk. As for now, bye.

FAQ's on Google Reviews

What is the purpose of gathering Google Reviews?
Your objective feedback would enable us to enhance our services. And also aids in directing people to the right place.

Is a review required or forced in any way?
Giving reviews is not required or compelled in any way. It is purely on personal choice of our clients.

Does anyone have the ability to rate and comment on the services?
No, we do not want reviews or ratings from anyone other than our customers who have used our services.

Is there a negative or poor rating having any impact on your services?
The ratings and reviews are unaffected by our services. Our services wouldn't change if you gave us a bad review. 


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