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Marriage predictions

Price: Up to you Read more

Duration : 30 to 40 minutes

We predict Past, Present & Future events about marraige

About pre marial life

  • We identify the reasons for delay in marriage
  • We can give clarity if the marriage would be Love or Arranged
  • We can give the timing of marriage
  • We can specify the nature of spouce and the relationship between you
  • We can specify the Direction and location of your spouse
  • We can specify the Health & Wellness of spouse

About post marial life

  • We predict the relationship
  • We identify the reasons for disputes between you and your spouse
  • We identify your nature and your spuse nature
  • We predict if the relationship would continue or not
  • We can predict if there is a chance of second marriage

Yes, we could tell, to get the confirmation about the birth time. However, we mainly focus on present and future events

Based on your birth details, our licensed software would prepare the horoscope chart

This chart contains the detailed calculations like planetary positions, Dasha calculations, ashtaka varga calculations etc

These calculations are the basis for our predictions

We analyse the strengths and weakness of the planets

Then, we would say about some past events to get the confirmation of the your birth details accuracy

If the past events are matching, then we would say about the present situation and predict the future incidents

We also identify the obstacles in your life

Then we suggest some remedies to you to clear the bottle necks

If events are not matching, then would reschedule your appointment

Then, we would adjust your birth time

  • You will get a detailed horoscope report in PDF format
  • You will get astrological advice
  • you will get astrological suggestions like remedies
  • Personal details: Name & Surname
  • Communication details: email & phone number
  • Birth Details: Date, Time & Place of birth

You need to provide some clues like

  • Morning, Afternoon Evening
  • In between 9-10 AM or
  • Full moon day in Karthika month

If there is a clue then, you need to choose our service Birth time rectification

If there is no clue then, we cannot provide the service to you.

You need to provide some clues like

  • Day after Ugadi
  • 2 days before Pongal
  • Full moon day in Karthika month

If there is a clue then, you need to choose our service Birth time rectification

If there is no clue then, we cannot provide the service to you.

We cannot provide the service to you.

Actually, it depending up on person to person. generally, we suggest remedies, as prescribed by SAGE PARASHARA.

No, we do not accept donations. You need to give to priest

No, we do not refer any one. Just we suggest pooja/ japa , but we do not suggest any priest

No, we do not provide any other service other than astrological consultancy

No, we do not sell any products. like Gem stones, Rudraksha, Japamala, Yantras, any books, any puja related artiles

No, we are not mediator to any one.

Yes, we have some limitations to provide this service. If your questions are related to the following

  • Illegal
  • unethical
  • Causing harm to anyone
  • Not to useful to anyone, including you

Yes, we do maintain confidentiality. like

  • Your name
  • Your social status
  • Your Contact details
  • Your birth details

As of now, we are not providing teaching service

We do not make any arguments on astrology

This is not the right place to you. Hope you could find some other place to discuss. Bye for now :)

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