Horoscope Predictions

Get astrological predictions about any aspect like education, career, business, Financial, health, family, children etc.

Ask any Question

Get Answers for Astrology related questions, even you do not you know your exact date of birth

Horoscope Matching

Get Compatibility Report according to Vedic Astrology after analyzing the Birth charts of the bride and groom

Birth time rectification

We calculate the Birth time by using reverse engineering based on major significant events in one's life.

Auspicious Time selection

We provide a most favorable Time and Date as per Vedic Astrology to Commence any important activities

Marriage predictions

We predict the time of marriage, nature of the spouse. We suggest if there is any delay in marriage.

Financial predictions

We predict the present and future financial position and give suggestions to increase Dhana yogas.

Career Predictions

We predict the good time for career, Suitable fields. We also suggest astrological remedies.

Santana Yoga Analysis

We predict the Capability of the couple to conceive and Timing of having children.

Muhurat for Cesarean

We fix an auspicious time for Cesarean Delivery according to planetary movements.

Newborn Baby Horoscope

We analyze the horoscope of new born baby if there are any malefic effects and suggest remedies

Education Predictions

We predict suitable areas/subjects for education. We also suggest if there are any breaks in education.

Business predictions

We suggest the suitable business and good time for business. We also suggest if there are any obstacles.