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Consult us to
your horoscope

Our Nishkama Services

Horoscope Predictions

  • We calculate the planet's positions.

  • We evaluate the planet's power.

  • We interpret the planetary influences.

  • We forecast events that will happen soon.

  • We suggest astrological remedies.

Horoscope compatibility

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  • Guna Milan

  • Manglik Dosha

  • Rajju Dosha

  • Strength of planetary positions 

  • Relationship between 1st &7th Lords with 6th & 8th & 12th Lords

Auspicious Time Selection

  • We recommend the most fortunate time and date in accordance with Vedic astrology.

The Lamp (Jyothi),
which helps to see the GOD (
is called the Jyothish (

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We maintain confidentiality 

We never disclose the Names and other details of our clients.

Citrus Fruits

We suggest simple &
tailor-made remedies 

Most of our remedies are very simple 

  • Small donations at Temples,

  • Reading slokas,

  • Reading sacred books,

  • Parikramas around respective God

  • Half day fasting  

We are top rated Astrologers 


4.9 Rating from 130 Reviews

We not only collect the feed back.

We work on it !

We provide consultation services only

We do not sell any products such as Gemstone, yantras, Rudrakhas

We do not provide any other services like purohit services, Japas, Homas

25 + Years of rich experiance

1000+ satisfied clients

Clients from all over India

Simple and Effective remedies

Privacy Guaranteed

Not commercial

Pay as you want

Detailed analysis & report

Support after services

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