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Consult us to
your horoscope

Our Nishkama Services

Horoscope Predictions

  • We calculate the position of the planets

  • We analyse the strength of the planets

  • We interpret the influences of the planets 

  • ​We predict the nearest foreseeable future

  • We suggest astrological remedies

Zodiac Chart

Horoscope compatibility

  • Guna Milan

  • Manglik Dosha

  • Rajju Dosha

  • Strength of planetary positions 

  • Relationship between 1st &7th Lords with 6th & 8th & 12th Lords

Auspicious Time Selection

We suggest a most favorable auspicious Time and Date as per Vedic Astrology

The Lamp (Jyothi),
which helps to see the GOD (
is called the Jyothish (

We maintain confidentiality 

We never disclose the Names and other details of our clients.

Citrus Fruits

We suggest simple & tailor-made remedies 

Most of our remedies are very simple 

  • Small donations at Temples,

  • Reading slokas,

  • Reading sacred books,

  • Parikramas around respective God

  • Half day fasting  

We are top rated astrologers 

 We not only collect the feed back.

We work on it ! 

What people say

“He is the best Astrologer I have met.. he pin-points the minute details of your past present and future events so accurately that it just blew my mind.. and MR Apparao is soo patient and polite its just amazing to sit beside and listen to his words.. keep up your good work .. wish you good health and abundance 👍”

 — Arghya Bhattacharya

I have never seen such a good Astrologer ! His prediction utmost perfect and very kindhearted person and not at all money minded person very cool in nature and gives the proper guidelines too . His remedies are very useful and budget friendly . Im always thankful to you sir ☺️ !!! Very happy to find him 🙏!

— Sravya

His predictions are so accurate that you make yourself strongly believe in astrology. Not just the predictions, he explains the planetary positions and other science related information which helps us understand that the sun, moon and stars effect our lives quintessentially.

— Sravya Batta

I have met many astrologers but Apparao garu is best among them. He is not money minded. He has lot of patience to explain the Birth chart and planetary position. His predictions are so accurate. His remedies are simple. I have followed his remedies and got the result. I would say he is the best astrologer. I would highly recommend him.

— Srinivas

I have never seen such an astrologer like him. Very calculated and very predictive.He takes care of all calculations. Ask any question he has answers for you. Easily approachable and very polite in nature. He has childhood passion for astrology. I would highly recommend him. He is the best in Hyderabad...

—  Sabiha Perveen

He is a great astrologer. Almost everything matched. He actually changed my confidence levels by recalling my original characteristics. The greatest part is there is no fixed fees as his intension is to help the people. Good to visit once.

— Ganesh

I happened to meet Sri Apparao garu one fine weekend. He is the person who changed my view towards Astrology.
Finally, I came to know the God’s written script for my life process. Certainly, now I can see what I am and what my path is without any confusions.
He is not just a random astrologer, who just read the charts as is. Due to his sadhana, he reached up to a level, where he can clearly see everything with lot of clarity. I am happy to meet him in this life.

— Dilip

Really good experience here. Telling correct prediction. Perfect area to go for astrology.

— Ramu

We provide consultation services only

We do not sell any products such as Gemstone, yantras, Rudrakhas

We do not provide any other services like purohit services, Japas, Homas

25 + Years of rich experiance

1000+ satisfied clients

Clients from all over India

Simple and Effective remedies

Privacy Guaranteed

Not commercial

Pay as you want

Detailed analysis & report

Support after services

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