This report deals with the profession, work skills, changes in profession, success in profession. Problems related to professional matters. It also deals with the person’s communication capabilities, leadership skills. You can know the suitable profession for you with the help of Career Astrology.

If you are facing any career related problems or any of the below mentioned questions in your mind about the Career, this category suits to you.

  • Which Profession will suit me?
  • Will business suit me?
  • How are my career-prospects?
  • When will I settle down in life?
  • When will I get a job?
  • When will I get a better Job?
  • I have given interview for a job. Will I get the job?
  • I have been suspended from my job. Will I be reinstated?
  • Now I want to switch over to a job. Do you think this move will be successful?
  • I want to switch to business. Do you think I will be successful?
  • When will I go abroad?
  • I am having a problem at work with my boss. Do you think things will improve or will I have to quit?
  • I am due for a promotion since last year. Will I get it now?

Complete Career Analysis Include the following:

  • Good Period for profession
  • Detailed raja yoga analysis covering promotions.
  • Suitable fields for the profession.
  • Promotions expected periods
  • Problems in professional life and expected periods.
  • Success in Career whether excellent, average or below average.
  • Timing of Getting Job if applicable
  • Appropriate astrological remedies if needed

What will you get?

  • Effects of ascendant, moon sign, and other planets
  • Astrological Analysis of your situation
  • Astrological Highlights in your horoscope
  • Specific Answer to your queries
  • Astro Advice
  • Remedial suggestions like Japas, homas, gemstone etc.
  • Important planetary influences in the near future
  • You will get Detailed Horoscope in PDF format

It is very important that your birth details must be accurate to get correct horoscope readings. If your birth details are approximate, you can find your exact birth time by ordering birth time rectification by using our service Birth Time Rectification. Astrologer can help you find your birth time before preparing other reports.

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